We’ll save you time and help you get your business in order so you’ve got more hours in your week to earn more money and spend with your family.


Improve the efficiency of your business by getting rid of the paperwork and you’ll…

  • Save money
  • Get your life back
  • Improve relationships – happy wife, happy life
  • Have more time to spend with your family and go fishing or to the footy with your mates.


With Tradies Advantage we help you by…

  • Getting your invoices out on time
  • Being paid quicker
  • Better manage receipts and paperwork
  • Lodge your BAS on time so you don’t cop a fine
  • Stop missing deductions
  • Planning ahead so you can measure how you’re going



The key word at Tradies Advantage is solutions. We absolutely love coming up with ideas to solve your daily bookkeeping and admin challenges.

We recognise the bookkeeping needs are not the same for every business that’s why we have a flexible approach to working with you. Our solutions are customised to your own unique way of working, while we also teach you new and better ways of doing things to help you grow your business.

Through our work with Tradies and other small business owners we have developed a unique insight into the kind of financial support systems you need to make your life easier.



Tradies Advantage doesn’t just offer traditional accounting advice. We’re more like business coaches, mentors…even company directors. We roll up our sleeves and give you real, practical help.

Of course we provide the essentials of tax returns and accounting services but we dig a little deeper and actively work with you to chart a course for growing your business successfully while minimising risk.

With our unique 4-Step Process, offered to all our clients ensures all of your financial affairs have been taken care off. The process is the cornerstone of our Business Packages.

Depending upon which service package you choose, you’ll receive all or parts of the process, and at a pace that suits your needs to achieve your goals.